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A former Guinness World Record Holder, treasure hunter, avid backpacker, and explorer, Gary Travis has always been a storyteller--fighting to be heard over eight siblings. Born in the northeast and now living in San Diego with his wife and youngest son, Jack, he continues to prep with an organic garden, water and food supplies, and bugout bags ready.


Gary's family often camps and goes on treasure-hunting adventures in search of Captain Kidd's Treasure, the Lost Dutchman's Mine, the Forest Fenn Treasure, and others.


Growing up in the Boston area, where a Nor'easter can shut off electricity for days, pipes freeze, and ice storms cripple transportation, Gary Travis understands the basic need to be prepared. That was a prominent catalyst in the creation of this story.


While Jack readies to graduate from high school, oldest son, Dillon, hiked Nepal, worked as a glacier guide in Alaska, and now as a kayaking guide in sunny La Jolla.


Gary prepares for retirement after a long career in the hospitality/restaurant business. He continues to hone his survival and prepper skills for catastrophy, conpiracy, and end of the world situations.

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